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The Belt and

The Belt and Road -Zoomlion Agricultural Machinery has entered Laos to help the sustainable development of paddy field mechanization

On August 26, the signing ceremony of the Memorandum of Cooperation Project of "One Road and Two Parks" and the donation ceremony of agricultural machinery and equipment between the People's Government of Hunan Province and the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of Laos were held simultaneously by video link in Changsha, China and Vientiane, Laos. Mao Weiming, Deputy Secretary of Hunan Provincial Party Committee and Governor, Kambao Ntawan, Lao Ambassador to China, Pei Peopipa, Minister of Agriculture and Forestry of Laos, He Baoxiang, vice governor of Hunan Province, and Jigao Sinaong, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Forestry of Laos signed the Memorandum of Cooperation Project on the One Road and Two Parks, and announced the donation of a batch of high-end agricultural machinery and equipment for rice mechanization of Zoomlion to Laos. ▲At the Donation Ceremony     Zoomlion Vice President Wang Yongxiang attended the donation ceremony. The main donations are rice seedling machine, rice throwing machine, new paddy field tractor, rice combine harvester and other products. In the early stage, the project will focus on the experiment, research, standardization and promotion of the whole process of rice planting mechanization. In the future, more agricultural mechanization and smart agricultural technologies and products will be introduced to Laos according to the plan and step by step, committed to supporting and helping Laos to achieve agricultural science and technology curve overtaking. It is understood that in order to effectively improve the efficiency of local agricultural production, enhance the level of agronomy, and promote the development of agricultural industry, Zoomlion has twice sent teams of agricultural technical experts to Laos to conduct field research on the agronomy and harvesting conditions of rice cultivation, and to conduct many discussions and consultations with the Lao Academy of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development, a subsidiary of the Lao Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. Finally,  Zoomlion agreed to introduce the world's first mechanical rice throwing engineering and technology to Laos to revolutionize its traditional rice planting mode. The donated equipment is highly targeted and well adapted to Laos' agricultural production. Taking the orderly rice seedling throwing machine as an example, this product is a new product developed by Zoomlion for six years. It adopts the newly developed seedling throwing technology, breaks through the inherent transplanting method, overcomes the difficulties of seedling raising, slow greening, late tiller and so on. And it can help farmers increase production and income. RV series paddy field tractor is a new product developed and produced for Southeast Asian market and South China market. The body is light, not easy to trap, and the high ground clearance makes it easy to cross the fields. Also, the turning radius is small, and the control is light and sensitive. ▲Zoomlion Orderly Rice Throwing Machine ▲Zoomlion New Paddy Field Tractor     The China-Laos Railway "One Road and Two Parks" international economic and trade cooperation platform project is based on the China-Laos railway as an industrial chain, fully exploiting the agricultural market and agricultural resources of Laos, and creating a China-Laos in-depth economic and trade route with "agricultural products entering China and industrial products entering Laos". The donation of agricultural machinery and equipment is also one of the landmark projects to promote the cooperation between Hunan and the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of Laos. After the arrival of the donated equipment, Zoomlion will also send a technical and service team to stay in Laos for a long time to guide and track the whole rice planting process, effectively implement the new model of rice mechanization, and train a number of new agricultural talents for Laos. Zoomlion said that the company actively responds to the national "Belt and Road" initiative and participates in the "One Road and Two Parks" strategic action plan of Hunan Province. On the basis of the profound friendship between China and Laos, Zoomlion will be deeply involved in the transformation and upgrading of Laos' agriculture to help enhance the competitiveness and sustainable development of Laos' agriculture and achieve win-win cooperation.

Zoomlion PV1104 tractor has officially rolled off the production line

Recently, Zoomlion's PV1104 paddy tractor has officially rolled off the production line in Changde, Hunan Province, marking a new member to Zoomlion’s P-series tractor. It is understood that the PV1104 tractor is equipped with national Ⅳ engine and adopts a self-developed power reversing gearbox. Compared with the traditional shuttle shifting mechanism, the reversing operation is easier. To improve the maneuverability, the product is equipped with an electric hydraulic lifting system with independent intellectual property rights. The lifting and lowering of the machine can be operated with one button, which is precisely controlled, saving time and effort. The power output is matched with an electronically controlled wet clutch, which is comfortable and light to operate and has high reliability. According to the characteristics of paddy fields in the southern region, the tractor is designed with a small turning radius, light weight, flexible steering and strong anti-sinking ability. Meanwhile, intelligent kits can be selected according to user needs to realize driveless and remote monitoring, which improve the quality of work and reduce labor costs.   Now, there are four platforms for Zoomlion's tractors, which have formed two series of paddy field and dry field, covering 90-260 HP, with leading technical level and large-scale mass production capacity. In recent years, Zoomlion has increased investment in the agricultural machinery, actively promoted the R&D layout in the fields of artificial intelligence, stepless speed changing and new energy, accelerated the upgrading and transformation of intelligent production lines in the industrial park and launched a variety of original and new high-end products. Agricultural machinery products have made outstanding contributions to improving the quality and efficiency of country's agricultural production, the transformation and upgrading of the agricultural machinery industry and the high-end products.

The First in China! Zoomlion Speedster Rice Harvester Has Obtained Subsidy Certification from India

Recently, Zoomlion Speedster series of rice harvesters passed the test of NRFMTTI, National Agricultural Machinery Appraisal Center of India, and successfully obtained the commercial certificate, which was then included in the subsidy catalogue of the Indian government. Zoomlion is the first enterprise in China to obtain this certification with its own brand, which indicates that Zoomlion’s agricultural machinery products in overseas markets, especially the localization operation of countries along the “the Belt and Road”, has achieved a major breakthrough again. △Zoomlion rice combine harvesters have obtained certification of Indian subsidy It is reported that Zoomlion FH88 and FH100 Speedster rice harvesters tailored according to local agronomic characteristics and customer needs in India, which were officially introduced to the Indian market in 2020. They are widely recognized by Indian customers for being better to pass the mud field, their fast operation speed, and clean cleaning and threshing. In order to better serve Indian customers, Zoomlion abandoned the traditional international trade model, boldly promoted the localization development strategy, quickly established a local agricultural machinery team, and established an operation center integrating sales, training, service, parts storage, finance and other functions. Zoomlion has achieved full coverage of its marketing and service network in the main rice producing areas of India in just two years, and its market share has entered the first camp of the Indian industry. △ Zoomlion AG marketing service team in India The relevant person in charge of Overseas Business Unit of Zoomlion AG said that India is one of the markets with the largest demand for agricultural machinery products in the world. And this time, the company obtained the certification of the Indian government subsidy catalogue, which created favorable conditions for accelerating the in-depth development of the Indian market and improving business efficiency. Next, Zoomlion will continue to implement the national “the Belt and Road” initiative and the “going out” strategy of agriculture, further promote product localization and operation localization, introduce more advanced and applicable agricultural machinery products, and deeply integrate with local agricultural development so as to achieve win-win cooperation. △Zoomlion rice combine harvesters are very popular in India  

Zoomlion AG Paddy Field Products Made a Wonderful Debut at 2022 Dominican Agricultural Expo

Recently, the 2022 Dominican Agricultural Expo with the theme of “Continuously Promote Dominican Agricultural Development” was held in the capital, Santo Domingo. In this Expo, Zoomlion AG, with tractors, rotary tillers, harvesters and other paddy field products, was unveiled, which attracted extensive attention from local customers. Chinese Ambassador to Dominica Zhang Run, Dominican Minister of Agriculture Cruz and other guests visited Zoomlion AG booth. Zhang run (third from the right), Chinese ambassador to Dominica, visited the booth of Zoomlion AG   Dominican Minister of Agriculture Cruz (third from left) and his party praised Zoomlion AG products. In this Expo, the new RN1104 tractor exhibited by Zoomlion AG has the characteristics of both flood and drought, and it has strong power, easy control, outstanding mud-water proof performance, and light and sensitive operation. Besides, FH100E crawler grain harvester has strong trafficability, no fear of muddy fields, fast speed, good harvest lodging effect and clean cleaning, which is very in line with the working conditions of Dominican paddy fields. What’s more, crawler self-propelled rotary tiller, as a new type of paddy field protective tillage machine, has little damage to soil, good paddy field passing capacity, can be equipped with a variety of farm tools, and can realize various purposes such as rotary tillage, transportation and so on. Zoomlion AG series paddy field products appear in the Expo Dominican agriculture minister Cruz said that in recent years, the friendship between Dominica and China has further deepened, and Chinese enterprises have provided great support to Dominica in the agricultural field. As one of the representatives, Zoomlion AG has made outstanding contributions to promoting the development of Dominican agricultural mechanization. Besides, the sugarcane harvesters donated by Zoomlion AG have not only benefited many sugarcane farmers, but also actively promoted the development of sugarcane industry in Dominica. In the future, Dominica will deepen cooperation with Zoomlion AG in the mechanization of rice production and other fields, and introduce China’s advanced agronomic technology and agricultural machinery and equipment to boost the rapid development of agriculture in Dominica. Zhang Run, Chinese Ambassador to Dominica, said that with Dominica actively integrating into Chinese “the Belt and Road Initiative” circle of friends, the cooperation between the two countries in various fields was deepening day by day. He was glad to see international enterprises such as Zoomlion AG participate in the agricultural development of Dominica, and hoped that the road of agricultural cooperation between China and Dominica would be wider and wider and the friendship would be stronger and stronger. Zoomlion AG products have received extensive attention According to the relevant person in charge of Zoomlion agricultural machinery, following the signing of the memorandum of agricultural cooperation between Hunan provincial government and Dominica in 2021, Zoomlion AG has rapidly introduced mechanized products and technologies of crops related to sugarcane, rice and corn to Dominica in just one year. Zoomlion AG replaces European and American brands with high-end practicability made in China, leads the innovative development of local agricultural mechanization, and has won unanimous praise from local governments, associations and users.

Zoomlion rice harvesters are exported to Bangladesh in batches

Recently, at Wuhu Industrial Park of Zoomlion, 300 rice harvesters were loaded in batches and sailed to the port, which will be delivered to customers in Bangladesh. Zoomlion rice harvesters are exported to Bangladesh in batches   It is understood that Bangladesh has attached great importance to the improvement of agricultural mechanization in the past two years, and introduced subsidy policies to guide farmers to purchase agricultural machinery products, so as to promote the development of agricultural modernization. Zoomlion actively distributes sales and service outlets in the local area, and tailors a variety of agricultural machinery products according to local agronomic characteristics and customer needs. Among them, the rice harvesters of speedster series have the characteristics of fast operation speed and clean cleaning and threshing, etc. They have been recognized by customers in South Asia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and South America. And the cumulative export has exceeded 5,000 in just two years. In order to complete the delivery of this Bangladesh order with high standard and efficiency, Zoomlion strictly controlled the quality in all aspects such as goods preparation, production, shipment and logistics, and implemented them efficiently. Zoomlion completed the delivery task 20 days in advance, which was highly praised by customers. Zoomlion rice harvesters are exported to Bangladesh in batches   In recent years, Zoomlion actively responds to the national "the belt and road initiative" initiative. Zoomlion adheres to the pursuit of "four extremes" in technology, quality, products and services, and thoroughly implemented the development strategy of "localization" in overseas markets. Besides, Zoomlion develops efficient, reliable, advanced and applicable agricultural machinery products according to the actual agricultural needs of various countries, and establishes a sales service network integrating sales, training, service, maintenance and other functions. These fully demonstrate Zoomlion's concept and responsibility of "co-operation, co-construction and sharing", and and the positive contribution of Zoomlion to the development of agricultural modernization in countries along "the Belt and Road". Zoomlion helps the agricultural development of countries along "the Belt and Road"

Advanced Technology, Leading Industry-Mass Production of Zoomlion PS1804 Power Shift Tractors

On February 19th, in the tractor assembly line of Zoomlion Kaifeng Industrial Park, PS1804 power shift tractors slowly drove off the production line. This marks the realization of mass production of this product, which is another mature and advanced high-end high-horsepower tractor product brought by Zoomlion to the market. According to the person in charge of product technology, Zoomlion PS1804 tractor adopts the technology of power high and low gear + power steering + wet clutch. Zoomlion is one of the few domestic enterprises that master this technology, and is also the first batch of enterprises in China to apply this technology to 180 horsepower tractors and put them on the market in mass production. Zoomlion PS1804 tractor is widely used in the field work, It is equipped with a front drive axle with a large angle of 50 degrees, and the minimum turning radius is less than 5.5 meters. Besides, with the power steering device, it can realize quick U-turn in the field, make driving easy and comfortable, and improve the working efficiency by 20%. This product fit out 32F+16R gearbox, with dense working speed, covering 0.16-37.7km/h, which can meet various conditions and speeds of work such as deep ploughing, deep tillage, rotary tillage, ditching, baling and so on. Compared with traditional tractors, PS1804 tractor adopts PTO wet clutch to realize one-key switch. It uses electro-hydraulic control, which makes it easy to operate and highly reliable, and is especially suitable for the sub-clutch operation, such as bundling and so on. It is understood that the product will soon be shipped to overseas markets for product testing, and it is believed that it will soon be ready for mass export to the overseas market.
 Green Dwen Dwen

" Green Dwen Dwen " Powerful Snow Removal ZOOMLION Tractors Escorting Beijing Winter Olympics

Recently, continuous heavy snow has fallen in the Zhangjiakou division of Beijing Winter Olympics 2022, which had a certain impact on the event activities and road traffic. The snow situation is the order. And the "Green Dwen Dwen" snow removal team composed of 16 ZOOMLION tractors went to the battlefield of the Winter Olympics to sweep snow day and night, escorting the traffic safety of the Winter Olympics. △ " Green Dwen Dwen " escorts the Winter Olympics In the Zhangjiakou division, ZOOMLION RN and RK series tractors loaded with snow removal equipment shuttled back and forth on the road, and the eye-catching "Aurora Green" became a beautiful landscape outside the Olympic Games. In the face of harsh working environments such as wind and snowfall, low visibility, low temperatures of more than ten degrees below zero and high altitude, ZOOMLION tractors have withstood the test and completed various tasks with excellent performance and high reliability. At present, the wonderful events are still continuing, and ZOOMLION " Green Dwen Dwen " snow removal team will also live up to its mission, continue to stick to its post, and contribute " ZOOMLION strength " to the success of the Beijing Winter Olympics. △ ZOOMLION " Green Dwen Dwen " snow removal team performed its work at the Olympic site ZOOMLION tractors are also widely used in the Russian CIS, North America, Northern And Eastern Europe for municipal ice and snow removal work. Strong power, extreme cold resistance, good control, multi-functional convenience are the essential characteristics of ZOOMLION tractors in ice and snow conditions, and are favored by the majority of overseas users. △ ZOOMLION "Green Dwen Dwen" favored by overseas customers  

Zoomlion AG Overseas Channel Partners Conference Held Successfully

Zoomlion AG Overseas Channel Partners Conference Held Successfully On December 10, the Conference of Overseas Channel Partners of Zoomlion AG was successfully held online. With the theme of "Creating Growth Together", the conference set up the main venue in Wuhu, and branches in Thailand and Vietnam. Nearly 100 overseas core distributors from more than 20 countries around the world attended the conference to seek new development of overseas market.     Domestic main venue and branch venues in Thailand and Vietnam   At the conference, Jimmy Pan, vice president of Zoomlion Agricultural Machinery, introduced the company's development in the past year, including management system upgrading, product development, overseas localized operation mode, as well as Zoomlion smart farming and intelligent agricultural machinery innovation. Allen Zhang , general manager of Zoomlion Overseas Business Unit, made a summary planning report on overseas business. In 2021, Zoomlion has joined hands with overseas partners to forge ahead and carry out in-depth work. The overseas business has increased by 38% year on year, and the localized operation mode highlights its advantages. The sales performance of Southeast Asia, CIS and other countries and regions advances by leaps and bounds. In 2022, Zoomlion will focus on the core business strategy of "products, spare parts, finance and localization", to establish sustainable partnership and customer value, close cooperation, and achieve a new level of business growth.   The company has full communication with overseas partners, full of confidence   The conference has released the new overseas products of Zoomlion AG in 2022, covering paddy field tractors, power shift tractors, hydraulic double-drive rice harvesters, large wheeled combine harvesters, large sugarcane harvesters, orchard picking platforms, etc., all of which are specially developed for overseas markets, and are quite competitive in the market. The conference also introduced the company's management ideas for improving channel quality and efficiency and upgrading the service and spare parts in 2022. The excellent overseas distributors in 2021 were commended at the conference. Participants exchanged views on how to achieve rapid business growth in 2022, and were full of confidence in sales and cooperation in 2022. Zoomlion AG products can not “brave the wind and waves” in the overseas market without the joint efforts of partners in various countries. In future, Zoomlion AG will continue to take technological innovation as the source of development, continuously optimize the sales and after-sales service system, provide customers with more high-quality products, fully cooperate with overseas channel partners, and jointly create new achievements and brilliance.

Zoomlion High-end Agricultural Machinery Blooms in the 4th China International Import Expo

On November 4th, the 4th China International Import Expo was officially opened in Shanghai. Fifty-eight countries and three international organizations participated in the national exhibition, and nearly 3,000 exhibitors from 127 countries and regions appeared in the enterprise exhibition. In the display of top-notch products of Zoomlion, CL2404 high-end high-horsepower tractor and RABE farm machinery as the representatives of high-end farm machinery products have attracted extensive attention from the guests and audience.

Zoomlion Agriculture Machinery Promotes the Full Mechanization Development of Sugarcane Production in Indonesia

On October 21st, the Dryland Modern Agricultural Mechanization Technology Innovation Exhibition, sponsored by Indonesia Agricultural Mechanization Development Center, was held in Banten Province, Indonesia. Zoomlion Agriculture Machinery, together with its sugarcane harvesters, sugarcane planters, drones and other solutions for fully mechanized sugarcane production, made a wonderful appearance, and received wide attention from the leaders, industry experts and users participating in the Exhibition. Syahrul Yasin Limpo, Minister of the Ministry of Agriculture of Indonesia, visited the exhibition area of Zoomlion Agriculture Machinery and fully affirmed the achievements made by Zoomlion Agriculture Machinery in promoting the fully mechanized development of sugarcane in Indonesia.

Originality breakthrough and leading Intelligence Zoomlion Agriculture Machinery Co., Ltd. participated in the 2021 China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition

On October 26, the 2021 China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition opened in Qingdao. Zoomlion Agriculture Machinery Co., Ltd. made an amazing appearance with 12 smart innovative products, covering intelligent agricultural machinery, high-horsepower tractors, high-end agricultural machinery and tools, orderly seedling-throwing machine, grain harvesting machinery, orchard machinery, straw baling machine, and showed the overall solution of smart agriculture and smart agricultural product -- Zoomlion digital rice, which was widely concerned by the participants.

Brilliant in China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo! Zoomlion Agricultural Machinery high-end custom products are favored by African Friends

Recently, the second China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo opened in Changsha . Zoomlion as an equipment manufacturing leading enterprise, in which Zoomlion Heavy Industry Co., Ltd has presented eight high-end intelligent equipments,and in which Zoomlion AG has promoted PL60 crawler combine harvester, RX904 tractor, 2ZPY-13A seedling throwing machine, those three agricultural products are highly favored by the vast number of customers. During the exhibition  we have signed orders with many customers from a number of countries.

Zoomlion Shines at CAETE, High-end Customized Products Favored by African Customers

On September 26, the second China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo (CAETE), which attracted much attention, kicked off in Changsha. At booth D2 of the outdoor exhibition area of Changsha International Convention & Exhibition Center, Zoomlion, leader in equipment manufacturing, shone with its eight high-end intelligent products meeting the demands of the African market, of which the rough-terrain wheeled crane received orders worth of RMB 30 million, creating a record for the maximum amount of single product of heeled cranes exported from China to Africa in recent years. At the Changsha International Convention & Exhibition Center, Guo Xuehong, Vice President of Zoomlion, attended the China-Africa Industrial Park Promotion Conference and shared the company's cooperation and achievements in Africa with the participants, which attracted wide attention.

Zoomlion Big-Data-Driven Smart Farm 2025 Creating New Blueprint For Rural Revitalization

In June 2021, “black technologies” such as unmanned leveling tractor, unmanned rotary tillage tractor, unmanned seedling throwing machine, unmanned plant protection machine, and automatic irrigation system were displayed in turn on the high-tech farmland equipped with digital management facilities at the Zoomlion Smart Farming Demonstration Base, Eqiao Town, Wuhu city, Anhui Province, fully demonstrating the wisdom and charm of "unmanned farm".

Hunan Intelligent Agricultural Machinery Innovation R&D Center was established in Zoomlion

On July 19, 2021, Hunan Intelligent Agricultural Machinery Innovation R&D Center was officially established in Lugu Industrial Park of Zoomlion.

Zoomlion A.G. got the long-term supplier qualification officially recognized by the United Nations

In May 2021, Zoomlion AG has successfully been awarded a tender for the tendering project for long-term procurement qualifications of agricultural machinery of the United Nations Office for Project Se
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