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Brazilian Agricultural Delegation Visited Zoomlion Wuhu Industrial Park

On April 17, Alexandre Lima, director of the Department of Rural Development and Family Agriculture in Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil, and the chairman of the Family Agriculture Theme Chamber of Commerce of the Northeast Federation, led a group of five people. Accompanied by Pan Zhenyang, Vice Chairman of Zoomlion Agricultural Machinery Company and other leaders, visited Zoomlion Wuhu Industrial Park. The delegation visited the assembly workshop of agricultural machinery products and the prototype display area, and intuitively felt the vigorous development momentum of Zoomlion in the field of agricultural machinery. Alexander Lima said that Zoomlion has a high reputation in Brazil, and various construction machinery and equipment have made great contributions to Brazil's infrastructure construction. It is hoped that Zoomlion's agricultural machinery can also enter Brazil as soon as possible to provide new strength for the development of agricultural mechanization in Brazil. In the exhibition hall of Zoomlion Smart Agriculture, the delegation had a detailed understanding of the construction and operation of Zoomlion's agricultural machinery Internet of Things, smart agriculture and other information platforms, and affirmed Zoomlion's innovative achievements in the field of smart agriculture. Alexander Lima said that he was very pleased to see the innovative achievements of Zoomlion in the field of agricultural machinery. The types of staple food crops in the two countries are similar, and the agricultural machinery products of Zoomlion are very suitable for the market demand of Brazil. With the continuous improvement of the level of agricultural mechanization in Brazil, the demand for intelligent agricultural machinery and equipment is increasing day by day. It is expected that the two parties can carry out practical cooperation in the development of agriculture and agricultural mechanization, and build a mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation system.
The Belt and

The Belt and Road -Zoomlion Agricultural Machinery has entered Laos to help the sustainable development of paddy field mechanization

On August 26, the signing ceremony of the Memorandum of Cooperation Project of "One Road and Two Parks" and the donation ceremony of agricultural machinery and equipment between the People's Government of Hunan Province and the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of Laos were held simultaneously by video link in Changsha, China and Vientiane, Laos. Mao Weiming, Deputy Secretary of Hunan Provincial Party Committee and Governor, Kambao Ntawan, Lao Ambassador to China, Pei Peopipa, Minister of Agriculture and Forestry of Laos, He Baoxiang, vice governor of Hunan Province, and Jigao Sinaong, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Forestry of Laos signed the Memorandum of Cooperation Project on the One Road and Two Parks, and announced the donation of a batch of high-end agricultural machinery and equipment for rice mechanization of Zoomlion to Laos. ▲At the Donation Ceremony     Zoomlion Vice President Wang Yongxiang attended the donation ceremony. The main donations are rice seedling machine, rice throwing machine, new paddy field tractor, rice combine harvester and other products. In the early stage, the project will focus on the experiment, research, standardization and promotion of the whole process of rice planting mechanization. In the future, more agricultural mechanization and smart agricultural technologies and products will be introduced to Laos according to the plan and step by step, committed to supporting and helping Laos to achieve agricultural science and technology curve overtaking. It is understood that in order to effectively improve the efficiency of local agricultural production, enhance the level of agronomy, and promote the development of agricultural industry, Zoomlion has twice sent teams of agricultural technical experts to Laos to conduct field research on the agronomy and harvesting conditions of rice cultivation, and to conduct many discussions and consultations with the Lao Academy of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development, a subsidiary of the Lao Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. Finally,  Zoomlion agreed to introduce the world's first mechanical rice throwing engineering and technology to Laos to revolutionize its traditional rice planting mode. The donated equipment is highly targeted and well adapted to Laos' agricultural production. Taking the orderly rice seedling throwing machine as an example, this product is a new product developed by Zoomlion for six years. It adopts the newly developed seedling throwing technology, breaks through the inherent transplanting method, overcomes the difficulties of seedling raising, slow greening, late tiller and so on. And it can help farmers increase production and income. RV series paddy field tractor is a new product developed and produced for Southeast Asian market and South China market. The body is light, not easy to trap, and the high ground clearance makes it easy to cross the fields. Also, the turning radius is small, and the control is light and sensitive. ▲Zoomlion Orderly Rice Throwing Machine ▲Zoomlion New Paddy Field Tractor     The China-Laos Railway "One Road and Two Parks" international economic and trade cooperation platform project is based on the China-Laos railway as an industrial chain, fully exploiting the agricultural market and agricultural resources of Laos, and creating a China-Laos in-depth economic and trade route with "agricultural products entering China and industrial products entering Laos". The donation of agricultural machinery and equipment is also one of the landmark projects to promote the cooperation between Hunan and the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of Laos. After the arrival of the donated equipment, Zoomlion will also send a technical and service team to stay in Laos for a long time to guide and track the whole rice planting process, effectively implement the new model of rice mechanization, and train a number of new agricultural talents for Laos. Zoomlion said that the company actively responds to the national "Belt and Road" initiative and participates in the "One Road and Two Parks" strategic action plan of Hunan Province. On the basis of the profound friendship between China and Laos, Zoomlion will be deeply involved in the transformation and upgrading of Laos' agriculture to help enhance the competitiveness and sustainable development of Laos' agriculture and achieve win-win cooperation.

Domestic debut! Zoomlion's PL2304 power-shift tractors are exported to overseas markets in batches

Recently, in the Kaifeng Industrial Park of Zoomlion, there was a long queue of trucks, which was really spectacular. More than 20 sets of Zoomlion’s PL2304 high-horsepower tractors are ready to be sent to the CIS market. This exciting moment not only witnessed the mass export of China's power-shift tractors to overseas markets, but also demonstrated that Zoomlion has increased technological innovation in recent years, including focused on high-end agricultural machinery and equipment, boosted industrial transformation and upgrading, and actively go global , which makes the self-owned brand agricultural machinery shine on the world stage. Delivery ceremony site   PL2304 tractor likes the jewel in the crown of the global tractor industry. For a long time, the global high-end high-horsepower tractor market has been firmly occupied by European and American brands. To fill the market gap of domestic agricultural machinery in this field, Zoomlion adheres to the concept of "technology is the root, product is the foundation", uses the ultimate thinking to make refined products and integrates advantage of the Group Research Institute, North American R&D Center and Zoomlion Agricultural Machinery Research, we have sharpened a sword for several years and innovatively built the PL2304 power shift tractor, which has enhanced the international competitiveness of this type. This product has undergone rigorous laboratory inspection and work verification in North America, China, Russia and other countries and region. Thus, the advanced technology and operational performance have been recognized.   It is understood that the power system configuration of Zoomlion’s PL2304 tractor is luxurious, energy-saving and environmentally friendly. It adopts high-pressure common rail, turbocharged engine, 40F+40R range power shift gearbox, with automatic shifting kinetic energy in the range, which is the world's advanced level. Engine power management system, high torque reserve can match a variety of PTO output agricultural implements, widely used. The whole machine is fully electro-hydraulic control system with high degree of intelligence and self-diagnosis of faults. The one-button control armrest integrates functions such as engine, gearbox, farm implement control, engine speed cruise, etc. All indicators and performance meet European technical standards. Zoomlion's PL2304 tractor operates overseas   In recent years, Zoomlion has accelerated its overseas market layout, promoted the transformation of its localized business model and achieved major breakthroughs in its agricultural machinery export business, resulting in rapid growth in performance. In May this year, Zoomlion's PL2304 tractor made its debut at the 22nd CIS Agricultural Technology Exhibition, and made it a hit, which won a batch of orders and the market pattern of European and American brands monopolizing high-end high-horsepower tractors has quietly broken. Zoomlion's PL2304 tractor is preferred by overseas customers   The breakthrough of Zoomlion's agricultural machinery in overseas markets is inseparable from operating overseas markets with global thinking and innovating "localized" operation mode. From product to distribution, from after-sales to training, it guarantees a "zero distance" service for overseas customers. In terms of products, a special version of PL2304 tractor has been customized for the CIS market, and a number of optimizations and upgrades have been carried out to meet the local agronomy, climate and operational needs. All indicators have reached European technical standards, and some performances are better than similar products in Europe and the United States. In terms of marketing services, relying on Zoomlion's subsidiary company platform in the CIS market, it has established a localized sales and service team, developed a strong distribution network and built a spare parts library and training base to future development, which has laid a solid foundation for opening up the international market.   In the future, Zoomlion will continue to rely on technology and model innovation to overcome challenges and seize opportunities. We will continue to break through the international market, make efforts in the field of high-end agricultural machinery, accelerate the realization of agricultural machinery from going global to bringing in and going up with the "localization" strategy, strive to achieve quality transformation and move towards the goal of high-quality development.  

Zoomlion PV1104 tractor has officially rolled off the production line

Recently, Zoomlion's PV1104 paddy tractor has officially rolled off the production line in Changde, Hunan Province, marking a new member to Zoomlion’s P-series tractor. It is understood that the PV1104 tractor is equipped with national Ⅳ engine and adopts a self-developed power reversing gearbox. Compared with the traditional shuttle shifting mechanism, the reversing operation is easier. To improve the maneuverability, the product is equipped with an electric hydraulic lifting system with independent intellectual property rights. The lifting and lowering of the machine can be operated with one button, which is precisely controlled, saving time and effort. The power output is matched with an electronically controlled wet clutch, which is comfortable and light to operate and has high reliability. According to the characteristics of paddy fields in the southern region, the tractor is designed with a small turning radius, light weight, flexible steering and strong anti-sinking ability. Meanwhile, intelligent kits can be selected according to user needs to realize driveless and remote monitoring, which improve the quality of work and reduce labor costs.   Now, there are four platforms for Zoomlion's tractors, which have formed two series of paddy field and dry field, covering 90-260 HP, with leading technical level and large-scale mass production capacity. In recent years, Zoomlion has increased investment in the agricultural machinery, actively promoted the R&D layout in the fields of artificial intelligence, stepless speed changing and new energy, accelerated the upgrading and transformation of intelligent production lines in the industrial park and launched a variety of original and new high-end products. Agricultural machinery products have made outstanding contributions to improving the quality and efficiency of country's agricultural production, the transformation and upgrading of the agricultural machinery industry and the high-end products.
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