Original Parts

Spare parts network

We know the importance of spare parts to customers. 
To meet the needs of customers, 
We have established a three-level spare parts supply guarantee system consisting of "Domestic spare parts central

warehouse + Overseas subsidiary distribution center + Agent warehouse". 
Zoomlion spare parts center has a worldwide coverage and a smooth and convenient logistics platform, 
which can provide spare parts for customers very quickly. 
The two central warehouses in China are divided into the spare parts storage area, 
loading and packing area and waiting area. 
Each area is clean and tidy. All spare parts of the tractors, harvesters, sugarcane machines and agricultural machinery sold

to overseas markets are purchased, transferred and packed here.


Original spare parts

Original spare parts are of great significance to customers: 
The original spare parts provide trustworthy quality and after-sales service, 
and can perfectly match the machinery for optimal performance and long service life.
Each spare part of Zoomlion goes through strict quality inspection, 
and is sold overseas after standardized packaging. 
Each package is printed with the original logo of Zoomlion. 
Zoomlion is responsible for each spare part exported overseas.



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